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    Default PC Show 2005

    Hi guys, wonder if u heard of the up coming PC show at expo

    PC Show 2005
    Public - Free Admission
    Hall 6
    02-Jun-05 to 05-Jun-05
    Start Time: 11:00; End Time : 20:00

    Any suggestion whether the exhibtion is a better place to get a camera, be it price wise or freebies wise as compared to the normal shops like AP?

    I am thinking of getting a D70s, anyone know how much is it currently?
    many many thanks

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    Do a search in the Nikon Forum might be able to find the price of D70s
    selling in those shops like CP, AP or MS Color.
    Or you can just send e-quote to them.

    Price of cam in this type of show will always the RRP with a few more freebies
    compare to outside shops.
    So you need to do some calculating to determine are the freebies in the show
    worth paying the extra $$.

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    Thanks for the information.

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    Here's hoping Eastgear launches PD70X at a promotional price. Need one for my upcoming trip.


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