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    Default 4DSC Size Photos

    Hi all, just to share something I just found out.

    Fujifilm prints 4DSC size prints which is essentially 4R widened to the common 4:3 ratio of most digital cameras (except maybe D-SLRs like Nikon D70 or Canon 300D).

    I had a batch of 150 photos printed recently and I liked the results because there was no need to crop away some part of the image. I also liked the fact the printed image is more squarish as a result.

    However, it is more difficult to find 4DSC size photo albums.

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    i think most places commonly call them "digital prints"

    so there's an option of 4R or Digital 4R if i'm not wrong...

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    Default Any idea where I can find a good range of 4DSC sized photo albums?


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    Default 4RDSC photo albums

    Colorlab at Adelphi building (opp Funan)

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    Default Thank you

    They have cool black albums for 40 photos at $1.50.


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