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Thread: FZ1v2 LCD brightness

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    Default FZ1v2 LCD brightness

    Need some advice from fellow lumixers here, especially those who used to or still own the FZ1v2.

    What is the brightness setting that u guys set on the FZ1's LCD monitor? Cos it always look slightly washed out on full auto setting on the LCD but slightly under exposed on monitor.

    any other advice to properly calibrate the fz1 so pictures come out decently exposed?


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    Hi Lim,
    probably u trying to take shot under dim light
    adjusting the brightness of the lcd itself would not made any diff to the actual output of the shot.

    To avoid over/underexpose look out for the onscreen indicator..if the screen appear red when the shutter is pressed it a signal that yr pics is not properly exposed

    One tip for the small fz users
    for shots under dim lightning and total darkness
    Make full use of the pre-focus button
    1] switch to focus mode
    2] pre-focus a bright spot abt 2m away from the cam
    3] set it in shutter-priority mode abt 1/40 sec
    note *
    always use it in it full wide angle mode(no zooming)least it lose it pre-focus setting
    * yr shots will came out sharp and in focus
    * minimal shutter lag
    * 100% (probably) of yr shots will be a sure keeper
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