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    Hi to all,I'm currently using the eos500 and i realised that the in-built flash has it's own limitations as i cannot attach any diffuser such as the omni-bounce to it and it cannot be tilted or wadsoever...With a rather tight budget of $$100-200,can anyone pls recommend me a flash which is compatible with my camera??Also if possible,pls tell me what to look out for when buying a flash...thank you all very much

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    eos 500 uses ttl, not ettl, so get ez series enough liao.

    430ez is about $100 (2nd to 540ez).
    540ez is not more than $200 (top of the line).

    since it does not support ettl, no point getting the more expensive ex series, unless you are planning to up grade later to camera body that use ettl or ettl-ll.

    for your info, I use ez series in manual mode on camera body that uses ettl. but to do that, you must know flash photography, so read up. ha ha ha.
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