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Thread: USA and a UK IT consultancy to roll out the ACA - with problems

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    Default USA and a UK IT consultancy to roll out the ACA - with problems

    USA is the country of Microsoft, Apple, Intel, Cisco, HP, IBM, Facebook, Google, Amazon, Silicon Valley, eBay etc......

    Why does USA need a Foreign Talent (in this case British and foreign to the USA) IT consultancy to help roll out their Affordable Care Act?

    If you look at market share, UK software is significantly inferior to US. So why choose them?

    It is not as though the ACA is a suddenly conceived thing and the IT consultancy only had 2 weeks to rush something out.
    The ACA had been debated to death for many YEARS, been a topic for a presidential election, the House passed a Senate bill, the president (Obama) signed it into law, it was upheld by the US Supreme Court.

    So there was a LOT of time for the IT consultant to get this thing right.

    And now there are serious screw ups in the roll out.
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