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Thread: Newbie Need Help On New DigiCam

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    Talking Newbie Need Help On New DigiCam

    dear surfers,
    i m a malaysian. can pls help me to decide which digicam is suitable for me? thx

    - simple using, quality of shots as good as possible
    - large lcd monitor, abt 1.8-2 inch
    - 3 or 4MP
    - as high optical zoom as possible
    - light and compact as possible
    - AA or rechargeable battery are both acceptable

    - first time buying digicam
    - beginner in phtography world

    - <RM 1000 ( abt S$435 )

    4.Shortened list of suitable choices
    - casio ex s100
    - canon a510
    - konica minolta x50
    - nikon coolpix 4600
    - kodak easyshare cx7430
    - canon ixus 30 / ixus 40

    I hope surfers can help me in this, if there is any other recommendation, pls acknowledge me, thx a lot
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    Go check out the specs, I'm sure you'll find that the IXUS series does not use AA batteries.

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    sorry, i m not too specific abt battery now...^^

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    2nd hand A80 or an A95 will be a good buy.

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    i prefer the coolpix or ixus but again that's just me hehehe I have used both and they are good cameras~cheers

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    Quote Originally Posted by tunster
    2nd hand A80 or an A95 will be a good buy.

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    i m just into P&S...wan sth which is light and compact...i guess A95 is too bulky for me...^^

    p/s:i m not particular abt manual setting though...

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    If you are looking for compact camera, then Ixus 30/40 would be the best choice.

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    Coolpix 4600... fulfill your requirements...value for money at only $360+-...

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    should i just wait for sometime to gather more money to buy the ixus or just get the nikon which is in the range of my budget now? hehe...thx...

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    nikon coolpix 4600.
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