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Thread: Furniture shooting tip needed

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    Default Furniture shooting tip needed


    I was asked to help my pal out with some photography for his furniture biz.. namely beds and bedsheets. Just wondering if anyone has any pointer to share with this lost soul here.

    I have done some products shoots of jewellery before and know that lighting is crucial. But back then, a table top set up was enough. For shooting furniture on location, I havent a clue if my 3 x 120w flashes will be sufficient.

    Another thing, using flash as opposed to using ambient light + long shutter to get correct exposure... will this work?

    Also, which lens is appropriate? Will a 28-75 be sufficient on a cam with 1.6 crop factor?

    The deliverables are digital photos to be used in flyers no bigger that A4.

    ... any idea how much professionals charge for this kind of shoots? all the easier to ask for a big treat if i know how much my work may be worth.

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    I would suggest a 17-40L for the shoot, the 1.6x would limit ur 28 to effective 42mm.

    Regarding price wise, you judge yourself and charge accordingly lor


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