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Thread: The importance of backup....

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    The top 2 writers appear to be Plextor and Pioneer. DVD+-R does appear to be less stable than CD-R. Still, DVD-Rs are convenient so I make extra backups to made in Japan Taiyo-Yuden DVD-Rs and hope for the best [my primary backup is still to harddisk].

    Every 6 months, you should randomly pick a DVD and scan it to see if read errors start to creep it. Use software like to check.

    (HWZ has lots of stories about 'branded' DVD-Rs becoming unreadable after a short while).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Waffle
    i love Imation products, have always used their CD-Rs since the beginning even though they're not as cheap as others, but i like to pay for quality, only 1 coaster produced in the past 4 years, and that was only because I screwed up.

    the brand name is a little weird to me though, cos everytime i see Imation, i'd be reminded of a friend who asked me where to get "imitation" cd-rs and i was going "what? pasar malam la! sls la!" and he was going "nonononono!" for a whole day before i finally understood.
    maybe Imation should placed a "BIG" "I" instead of a small "i". Only downside is CDR is only 700MB.... your 1GB card cant move all the pics to it and you will end up with tons of CDR

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