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Thread: Part-time photographer

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    Quote Originally Posted by alwaysjerricky View Post

    I don't mind these work if it can help me. Where do you suggest I can start applying for these jobs?

    I have some photos but they are not event photography related. Will people still accept them? Cos I'm not exactly sure what a portfolio means.

    Thanks a lot for the advice. I think I have a better idea on what event photography is, shouldn't limit myself. Will try to find time to shoot CC/RC events.

    Yep I will do it soon. Thanks for the advice
    Portfolio? Aside from the definition (which you can Google) it basically means a small sample of your shots, whichever best showcases your skill/interest/style

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rashkae View Post
    Actually I'm not sure why you have "no portfolio". You have s camera, go and start shooting. Pick your best images, the ones with an emotional impact, and voilá, you have a portfolio
    Yup. Can always volunteer at charity or religious organizations, etc.

    Or even make your own portfolio by following techniques shown in youtube videos (the good ones) and ask your attractive cousin/sister/gf/mom/aunt/grandma (yes grandma also can do portrait, just not xmm style) as your model.

    Duplicating someone else's style is an interesting way to develop your own at later date, too.

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    Default Re: Part-time photographer

    There is this book, in our National Library.

    do borrow this book and read.

    as for shooting opportunity;
    you don't have to go too far to find all the events held by community club and resident club at you area, just check out the notice board at your block lift lobby and banners hang around your block.
    you can find events held every weekends, some even two or more event on the same day.

    it is a good source for you to practise our skills and build your portfolio, perhaps make some friends, and that is about it.

    as on the business side of photography;
    don't ever think about building some business network from your portfolio building source or contact, even someone want to engage you for your service for any personal event like birthday, or ROM, usually they don't have any kind budget for photography.
    since they found you from where you shoot for FREE, they will pay you likewise.

    it is the same where you start charging very cheap for your services, your referral customers hope to pay the same as their friend who hire you before, or get even cheaper deal then their friends.
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    Default Re: Part-time photographer

    Ok thanks a lot guys! I have a rough idea as to what to do in my holidays already. Will borrow that book soon! Really appreciate your help!

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