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    Calling all topside photographers, from the 3rd to the 5th of June.
    Celebrate the sea will be held in Singapore at suntect city.

    Some the worlds finest underwater photographer will be show casing their works or competing in this international photography competition.

    Admission is free for the gallery.

    Should be interesting to drop by to see a different kind of phtography in a different realm

    Some big names for the underwaterworld will also be dropping by singapore.
    Dr Sylvia Earl, Dr Nuttyen and David Doubiliet.

    Lots of booths selling cool gadgets from mp3 players to cool sandles etc..
    And of course undwarter phtography equipment. So do drop by.
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    Default Celebrate The Sea

    Rememebr to drop by celebrate the sea this week end. Lots of stuff to see, trips, gadgets, cameras, dive gears to buy, galleries and much much more.

    International Photography competition
    International Underwater videography competion
    International speakers.
    Photography gallaeries of world renowed underwater photographers.
    Children arts competition.

    Booth selling trips, gears, electronic gadgets, cameras, hiking equiomnet.
    Check out indias, pupau new guianeas tourism borad for exotic travel destination. Something for everybody. Top side, water side..

    Drop by SPCA to help them get some callendars.
    Find some green causes, check them out at booths and join them as volunteers....
    Lucky draws..
    Actual day phtography competition...

    See you guys there
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