Hi All, guess with the heading it sound "not again?" Hmm, sorry. I did manage to find some information that I needed from google but I hope you might share yours if you have? I'll be travelling to Hong Kong with my 16 mths old boy. Initially, we plan to go OZ but drop that idea. The question I wanna ask is,

1) I thought of bring my pram but my model is Quinny Buzz. Is that too big for roam around?
2) Beside Disneyland, where else I can rent a pram if I choose not to bring mine along?
3) Is the night market is with pram?

I saw someone post about the peak in HK. Is pram ok on the peak? I'll only bring my Canon 60D with 17-55mm lens of course with tripod as well. I am sure no prob with my gears but my concern is travelling around.