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    No, this is not another display of pics.

    I will be going to Redang this coming last wk of May.
    Need some advice here from experts on certain pointers to take beautiful pics.

    I hv seen some very nice 'post card' standard pics here but some also look very ordinary. What is the secret behind the good one [other than good photographer ]

    i hv a D70 with the kit lens, a 50mm 1.8, 80~200mm f2.8D IF, SB800. Wonder which is the most suitable lens to bring along.
    Also, intend to bring both 81A and circular Polariser filters.

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    I recommend taking the spectacular sunrise and sunsets redang has to offer. Try finding a quiet spot far from the crowd. A bit hard if you are staying at Pasir Panjang. Sunsets at 6.30am are to die for.
    Any lens for these shots will do. You won't be shooting at f1.8 unless for night shots.

    Good luck and post them for us!!


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