KNOWLEDGE BOWL School of Photography

*** HAVE FUN in Creative Photography, Can be taught. Try this. ***

Someone asked: "Can Creative photography be taught? What is the ART OF SEEING ?"

Our Answer is: "One can be conditioned to look at things in a creative way."

After the Basic Photography Course, this is the course to go for. This is also a course for those who want to refine their skills in photography. This is a very interesting intensive workshop with mainly hands-on practical sessions. You shall follow the instructor on the outing trips and appreciate the art of seeing. This workshop shall also meet the objective of making you a more confident photographer, able to handle day and night scenes. The various special techniques such as Panning, Use of slow shutter speed for creative effects etc will be covered and you shall practise them with guidance from the instructor..

This course shall enable you to embark on a journey where you shall appreciate the art of seeing and there is no such thing as "what is there to photograph". This course shall condition you in having better knowledge and proficiency on "what to shoot" and have fun shooting.


October Intake
Lesson 1: 24th October, Thursday, 7.30pm 8.30pm
Lesson 2,3: 27th October, Sunday, 3pm 8pm
Lesson 4: 26th October, Saturday, 8am 10am
Lesson 5: Date to be confirmed during class
Lesson 6: Date to be confirmed during class

*The dates for lesson 5 and 6 will be confirmed during first lesson so that most of the participants are able to attend

Course Fee
S$280 for lots of hands-on practical session

Steven Yee, award winning photographer and university photography lecturer

190 Middle Road #04-28 Fortune Centre Singapore 188979

Course Outline:

Lesson 1
- Explaining Creative Photography & Techniques
- Briefing for outdoor practical shoots

Lesson 2 (Bring camera and tripod)
- 2 hrs Outdoor Practical (weekend morning)
- Experiment with different techniques and Case Studies

Lesson 3 (Bring camera and tripod)
- 2 hrs Outdoor Practical (weekend afternoon)
- Experiment with different techniques and Case Studies

Lesson 4 (Bring camera and tripod)
- 2 hrs evening Outdoor Practical (weekend evening)
- Experiment with different techniques and Case Studies in late evening and night

Lesson 5 (Laptop)
- Learn to apply basic digital enhancement with ACDSEE

Lesson 6 (Bring images in thumbdrive)
- You shall bring pictures for the instructors to provide critique on how to improve the pictures through cropping and enhancement.

If you are keen to join the class, kindly email to Steven at with your name and contact number to register.

We look forward to your confirmation and support.