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Thread: L lens on crop sensor body

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    Quote Originally Posted by Octarine View Post
    Maybe it's just because the lens sits closer to the sensor..? What is the difference between a lens on 50D and 5D? Correct, it's a lens ...
    But then, what's the point of all this resolution talk? Does anybody lose money when using an EF lens on APS-C body? On the contrary, check the distortion results and vignetting of any L lens when mounted on crop body and you will see why it makes perfect sens to use a FF lens on a crop body.
    Chill bro. That said, facts are facts, the truth of the matter is, if one isn't doing big lifesize prints, then this loss in sharpness wouldn't be any major issue. Vignetting, CA and distortion is lesser on crop bodies, but these are very easy to correct in post for FF also.

    There's absolutely nothing wrong with using FF glasses for crop bodies. I for one, came from using crops and FF glasses back many years, when prices of FF years back was prohibitively high. Now that i own a mix of both, happily interchanging them as required.
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    Sharpness of EF lens have nothing to do with FF or crop body. I used L lens only on both my FF and crop for work and all I can tell was difference in focal length.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SkyStrike View Post
    I'm not sure if I'm reading it as intended... Same lens mount of FF = sharper???
    You waste 61.5% of the light that's coming in from the EF lens when you mount it on a crop. And the rear element sit further away from the sensor. Something to do with resolving power as stated by user12343. If you can concentrate that wastage light into the sensor (aka Metabones Speed Booster), you essentially get almost 1 stop more light and additional sharpness and lesser vignetting. Just waiting for the speed booster for EF lens to EF-M to come out, which will also give almost FF-like DOF to the EOS-M (1.07x crop factor) :P

    Of course, mounting EF lenses on crop bodies does have it's advantages as well, as user12343 have kindly stated. And he is right, if not printing large prints it probably won't matter. Just answering TS's question here and realise here no one have pointed it out
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