Dreams & Hopes of Children At The Borders; 3~6 Oct 2013
at 2902 Gallery; Address: 222 Queen Street, #02-02 , Singapore 188550

Presented by ART & HOPE and the exhibition will travel to major cities in Asia

This photographic exhibition is a realistic documentation of migrant children and students living at the border between Myanmar and Thailand. The political unrest over the decades has resulted in many Myanmar people leaving their homelands to seek refuge in Thailand. In search of better lives and hopes for their children, some reside in refugee camps at the border and others send their children to migrant learning centres in Thailand to pursue their education. Education is basic is most societies but to these Myanmar people and their children, access to education is sadly, a luxury.

Each child has his or her story to tell.
Each day, they strive for a better tomorrow.
Education is the key for hope as they learn to become self-sufficient.

As Myanmar opens its doors to the world, efforts to make education available to these migrant children have improved. But it will take time for changes to evolve and be translated to tangible benefits for these children who are living at the border.

Proceeds from this photographic exhibition will be used to support these children and students in their pursuit of education and to fund their basic necessities in 2014.

Special Thanks : Heavenly Home and Love and Care Learning Centres, Mae Sot, Thailand
Photographer : Dennis Luk (Hong Kong)
Curated by : Jose Tay