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Thread: Helicon Focus - Combine your macro shots

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    Default Helicon Focus - Combine your macro shots

    Saw this thread in dpreview about heliconfocus. It combines macro shots taken at different focus points and combines them into 1 sharp picture. The same can be done in PS.. but of course it takes much longer.

    The Dpreview thread.

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    I think all of us know what's the different in between Digital and Film shooting,
    don't we?

    it's not only the immediate output, cost, and also the effect,


    IF we do too much of adjustment or comine couple of pictures into 1, or add in new stuffs into the picture, i feel it defeated the purpose of photography, and no much Skill or Knowledge is required in this "Profesional hobby" anymore.

    TO ME, Cropping and very ligh sharpness adjustment is ok..

    This topic will be very personal. some might highly recommended, and some might not. it just depend how u want the thing gonna to be.

    Anyone with any idea ?

    ** Playing around with the Digital camera's limitation and trying to produce a good picture is one of the challenges of Digital Photography.....
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