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Thread: List of WINNERS - Top Participating Photographer Award

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    Default List of WINNERS - Top Participating Photographer Award

    Through a vote by fellow participants, the following 15 participants of Crossing Bridges 10 have been voted to receive a Winner's award for being a Top Participating Photographer during the week.

    Note the key word here is "PARTICIPATING Photographer " and not "Great Photographer"

    TungTong (Singapore)

    Kristupa Saragih (Indonesia)

    Fernando Denzil ( Sri Lanka)

    Bandu Gunaratne (Sri Lanka)

    Miss Law Shue Yee (Malaysia)

    Ted M (Philippines)

    Haipiano (Vietnam)

    Ms. Shereen (Malaysia)

    Knight Ong (Singapore)

    Kang Young Hwan (Korea)

    Kim Kye Dong (Korea)

    Kelvin Won (Singapore)

    Miss Shinta Dwidjiwatampu (Indonesia)

    Robert Douglas Andaya (Philippines)

    Raymond Low (Philippines) (special award.... this dude walked the ENTIRE week with a smile on his face while nursing a broken toe !!!)
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