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    Hi guys,

    A few friends and I are planning on a trip to Angkor Wat and I know many out there have already been there. I like to shamelessly ask for your experiences with Angkor Wat and I hope you don't mind. Things like where to stay, where to shoot, what to look out for, where are the good food places, etc. Any information that will be useful for first-timers to Angkor Wat.

    We have done our researches but any personal experiences with the place will be of greater help to us. Deeply appreciate it.
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    No replies. Thanks guys

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    There are numerous threads in the Travel Photography section relating to travel in Cambodia that contain relevant information. It would perhaps have been more productive if those are referenced and specific & pertinent questions are asked instead of starting a new thread.

    Edit: this thread was originally posted in the RANGEFINDERS section thus not surprising that there was no replies. Thread is now moved to Travel Photography section.


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