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Thread: Xdrive in high altitude

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    Default Xdrive in high altitude

    Came across a thread from another forum, saying HDD will fail in high altitude places, >3500m. If that's the case, it means xdrive cannot be used.

    Has anyone tried using xdrive in high altitude places? Any problem?


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    I have use Coolwalker arround 4000 meter,no problems,survived till now.

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    Used xdrive at hight altitude with no problem. Any link to share the write up - sounds interesting.

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    HDD need a certain air pressure for it to work, for the read/write head to fly to be a bit more precise. the best they can guarantee now is up 10000 feet in altitude.

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    I've tried at Mt Cook and no problems. But that was easy - I saw PCs in the hotel working there so figured that it'd be the same. You can possibly use that as a guideline.

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    Maybe can consider Mach2 Photo Bank.


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