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Thread: Wearing formal suit for photo gig.

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    Default Wearing formal suit for photo gig.

    For a dinner that is so formal which requires even the photographer to wear full suit with jacket, any tips on how to carry gear?

    The double rapid strap system doesnt seem to work as it lifts the jacket everytime i need to shoot. A single strap with camera using flashgun and zoom seems to work just that it does not seem i will be able to wear my belt system with my spare body so if anything goes wrong at the worst moment, that would be it.

    Any tips from those who do this sort of work?
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    Default Re: Wearing formal suit for photo gig.

    read between the lines when the dress code is formal even for photographer ..... they're unconsciously trying to say 'please be low profile, discreet and invisible when you shoot (and use flash only if absolutely necessary' or not at all)

    gear yourself accordingly from there

    p/s there are a couple of very stylish formal event type photo vests on the market that helps a photog with gear blend in

    eg Manfrotto Lino Pro.... paired with a black long sleeved shirt and a tie.... you'll blend in plenty. Otherwise wear a jacket 2 sizes too big and stuff gear inside

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    Default Re: Wearing formal suit for photo gig.

    Reduce your equipment. Such formal events are unlikely to be running at fast pace like void deck marriages. I don't think you need to carry half the content of your dry cabinet on your body for fast access.


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