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Thread: Electronic Shops Con Artists

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    Default Electronic Shops Con Artists

    With reference to the other con artists thread, let's start one for electronic shops for the the benefit of all CSers.

    Let's list down they low-down tactics, at least we will be more aware of their stunts and what's up their sleeves... Let's not name any shops nor people so that this can be kept clean for the good of all, shall we?

    For e.g.:

    1.) Price quotes never include GST so that it looks low, then add in when you want to purchase, and u give in because much time was wasted.

    2.) First sells you what you want, then introduces you to other products with higher marked up prices, tempting you to "upgrade" for just a little more cash.

    I'm sure there's more. Let's contribute...


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    3. UN-bundle the silently NOT including in (or swapping out) the Free 1GB XX-speed card, the original Tripod and the extra Original Battery etc etc
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    4. Quote u a very very attractive price, but they have no stock.

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    5. Insist on a deposit... THEN delay stocks...even recommending others instead. BAIT-BITE-SWITCH

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    Let you test a good quality product, switched to an inferior one after you've paid or in the process of payment

    Make sure the good one which you had tested is never out of your sight.
    If yes, re-test again before paying.


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