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in the end, i went with the ex-71 phones

not enough of an audiophile to shell out for the shures. other considerations also important, like size, so headphones out. if not for the earhooks, i'd have gone for the ex-81 phones, but i sometimes wear glasses, and it just looks fiddly.

so far... i like them. they're comfortable. also, while they don't block out all surrounding noise (probably a good thing), they block enough of it for me to hear things on my mds and mp3s that i normally don't. sound won't blow you away, but is a nice step up from cheapo generic earphones.

one interesting thing... the volume has to be turned up quite a lot for these... at the normal volume setting they sound softer...
don't worry, you need to allow some time for the earphones to "burn in" before they sound just right. you got a great pair of in-ear earphones btw. it's very highly recommended.