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Photography is so wide that few have the mastery or even experience on all areas. Some newbie have extensive knowledge on a small special area and some oldies have no knowledge of some types of photography....

eg anyone here know how to take photos of squids 1 km under the sea? ulcer in the stomach? mating elephants? diamonds? or all four areas?
Diamonds easiest but it's a secret! Come to my Still Life course and I will teach you.....HAHA!

As for TV flicker....simple.....since it runs at 25 frames per second....just calculate according to your shutter speed. If not, just try every shutter speed on your camera.

The ones which are really SPECIALIZED PHOTOGRAPHY, which only a handful of such photographers in Singapore.

Ulcer in the stomach can use a special fibre optic scope that has a mini lens....

Mating elephants......go to Africa or India with National Geographic based with a 500mm lens.

Photos squids 1 km under the sea? Well first you need to hire a submarine......

So does that answer your curiousity? LOL.....

How about Aerial Photography shooting landscapes from above?

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You must realize by now that "Newbie" is the highest form of compliment a photographer can give to himself.

Newbie is the highest level in photography one can aspire to. It is the ultimate accolade.

I've noticed that a "Newbie" here is overseas trained, owns a $50,000 studio and draws an income of $5,000 per assignment from commercial photography. Ever since he starts calling himself a "Newbie", "Newbie" assumes a whole new definition for me.
Who who who??????? I want to meet the MASTER NEWBIE....! Darth Vader must be kicking himself now......since there is a new master around.