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Thread: Reliable Driver at Mandalay (Myanmar) - appreciate your recommendation

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    Default Reliable Driver at Mandalay (Myanmar) - appreciate your recommendation

    Dear all, I am visiting Myanmar in Nov. Just checking if any bro here had hired any reliable driver to go around in Mandalay? Would appreciate if you can share with me their contacts.

    Thanks for reading!

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    Default Re: Reliable Driver at Mandalay (Myanmar) - appreciate your recommendation

    Actually, I just came back from Myanmar on this sunday. , I stay in Mandalay one night in Smart Hotel on 2/Sep, which is quite good choice there, walking distance from rail station. I booked in Agoda with 44USD one night of a double room.
    Since, I travelled with family with my wife and daughter. So the girl in reception asked me if I wanted taxi for a day tour in Mandalay and that cost 60K Ky (1USD = 965Ky), that is reasonable and aligned with review in tripadvisor.
    So I took it. Soon the driver came then I just follow him and had a nice day in Mandalay. We explore city in the whole morning. and went to Inwa in afternoon and watch sunset in U-bein bridge.
    Then I asked driver picked us to jetty in the next morning, (paid 5K Ky)
    I do not have the contact of the driver, but if you stay in Smart hotel, you may find him.

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    Thks very much for your info bro!


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