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Thread: Photography of Flowers. Where to learn?

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    Default Photography of Flowers. Where to learn?

    Any recommendations on books or webpage where they teach flowers or plants photography? Any help deeply appreciated. Thanks

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    First try searching on the internet; I'm sure you'll be able to find something.

    It also depends on what type/level of flora/fauna photography you want to learn. If you have more specific directions, e.g., natural/nature shoots, product shots, mood shots, fine art studies, experimental or symbolic, 'nature recreated' in the studio...etc ... then your search would be more focused.

    Along the paths of history, quite a few photographers of different gners have at one time or another devled into shooting flowers. Even though not solely focused on floral photography, they would be interesting reads that could expand your knowledge ... not necessarily technical.

    Also, try searching Riceball; I believe this specialist photog bookshop in SG has a lot of fellow photographers here in CS who patronise them.



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