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    should be renamed as "CONFUSION"

    er, jus watched the jap horror flick, leaving me in a state of confusion.

    anyone else watched it? care to share ur perspectives?

    its all the in the mind, NO? disease of the mind?

    extracted this from someone from HWZ:

    "Story explaination: the guy with the headphones at the beginning contracted a virus and brought it to the hospital. the virus is infectious and causes severe hallucination. throughout the show we're treated to a doctor's point of view of the events. what actually happened that killed the nurses and doctor we do not know but what we do know is that the staff basically killed themselves and each other in their dazed, hallucinating state. there is basically no ghost in the show. one of the symptoms of the infection is having the red in ur vision replaced with green which explains the green goo."

    wat about the eerie swing moving on its own?

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    How about another movie "wax-something" (forgot the title of tat movie), is there ghost element in it???


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