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Thread: Advice on flesh photography

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    Quote Originally Posted by darrelchia
    such a coincidence... i was doing a shoot on the weekend, and i needed a shutter speed faster than 1/200, so i set the flash to high speed-sync.

    Results, i get light fall off in the photo, so the bottom edge (and presumably the top, but its already bright) is a bit darker. Gives an effect similar to a spotlight, where the center regions is exposed correctly, and the light starts falling off. I suppose its because the flash has yet to fire fully, so the light doesn't fall fully into the capture area?

    I'd post the photo, but its still in my card in RAW format, and my laptops still in the repair shop ...
    i am guessing that the camera's exposure setting is lower than the "correct" exposure for the ambient lighting conditions.

    so what happened was that the HSS lit your subject for the set exposure, but everything else further away from the subject experienced light fall off.

    for curiosity's sake i tried to replicate the effect you experienced, but i don't think anybody wants to see a pic of my hairy leg with everything else in darkness (even if it's related to flesh :P)

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    Quote Originally Posted by dkw
    Darrel, if you read my post carefully, you would see that I have said the exception is for high speed sync. I understand full well what HSS does, and you would realise that its not really high speed at all as it prolongs the flash by pulsing it. Also, I mentioned that the blockage by the lens hood will occur if you use the BUILT-IN flash. Its all in the post, do read carefully!

    sorry ... my bad ... a bit cross-eyed these days ...

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