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    I recently bought one EN-L15 Battery from Ebay for USD 20.50.
    I was pretty amazed by the packaging. It was exactly the same as in original; comes with nikon box, manual and even the battery have serial.
    I wonder does those battery considered OEM? or it is still a 3rd party battery (non nikon battery) ? I've bad experience with 3rd party battery previously.

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    It means it's either original or counterfeit. Definitely not OEM.

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    you have to weigh between how much you can really save against the risk of damaging your camera? Is it worth the saving?
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    It is like playing Russian roulette. They either have shorter life or worse it may even leak.

    I had to buy a non OEM replacement for my IXUS V a few years back because the original battery was no more available from Canon anymore. The non OEM battery leaked and damaged my IXUS V

    Just buy the OEM battery, although they cost more but they are worth it.

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    Original can't be selling at 20 bucks unless it's used.


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