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    Hi everyone..

    I recently came across some brilliant pictures which were said to be processed in C-41.

    Well... wat's that? Anybody can offer some helpin this area?

    Will colour film processed in C-41 come out different from a B/W filem processed in c-41?

    How expensive is it?

    Thank you...

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    C-41 is the developing and fixing process for colour negatives. All labs use this process for colour negetives (ie. you get this at ur neighbourhood lab and even the professional ones). Cost? $3 for film developing and $0.35 per pc for printing 4R.

    B&W uses another process (can't remember the process name). Unless you are using C-41 B&W negative like the Kodak T400CN

    Colour slides uses E-6 processing.

    It is just that different chemicals are used during processing. Different film uses different chemicals, thus different processing.
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    I heard there's another hybrid: Cross-processing. But I know only slides can cross-process. Meaning Slides processed in C-41 way.

    Has anyone done this? How does it look like or turn out? :P

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    Halo.. so u are another fellow photographer going into cross process... am trying ouy manaully... the effect are cool... i don't know about local style... but have seen magazine publishing out certain cross process pictures...

    from slides process on C41 and Neg to E-6 are cross process... it will be good to "recycle" expire neg or slide on cross process...

    try and have fun...

    just did on XP2 process on E6... no too bad... but need to try more to get better effect...


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    Care to share your shots here? :P

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    i don't think i'll be comfortable posting it here... cause most of it will be portraits... the model might not like it... once i started on landscape, i'll post is to share...
    we can meet up one day to share ideas...

    i'm planning for neg on E-6 and and slides on C-41... currently geting the kit from Ruby... i think they are the only one around taking in tese stocks...


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