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Thread: Do you copy your pictures from mem card via camera or card reader?

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    Hmm... I guess no one ever had to send a camera back to the shop for broken/bent pins huh? That is what I am afraid would happen with the frequent insertion/extraction of memory cards.

    If no one encountered such an unfortunate experience, the rubber thing is going to be covering up the camera's USB slot permanently!!

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    used a card reader for some time and had the same fears as you

    gotta face it, it all comes down to camera build and mebe the card, every insert and extract is bound to cause wear and tear. i hav done about 30+ cycles without problems

    but i rather use the card reader only when the card is nearly full or on long transfers, otherwise its the card sits in the cam

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    hmm .. only used the cam's usb port so far ... dun have a card reader ... dun like the idea of taking out my microdrive .. .and risk it dropping and dieing on me ... and losing all 2.5gb of pics inside :S

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    Card reader... faster as it was USB 2.0 hi-speed, safer as to prevent any short circuit occurred in the com during connection to the camera...

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