In this developed country, there is a group of underprivileged children. In their world, there isn't any iPad, tablet, or beautiful clothes to wear; even though the most important thing they lack is parental love. If we have the ability to share our love with them, why not?

A group of passionate models and photogs had initiated a charity photoshoot event on 15 Sept , aiming to raise fund for a local orphanage. Take the opportunity to shoot different models, learn and mix with different shooting kakis and contribute to the less fortunate. Pixel Club will be supporting this event and do join us for a meaningful Sunday morning.

Vision With Care Charity PhotoShoot Event
Date of shoot: 15/09/2013
Time: 8am-11am
Location: Singapore Botanical Garden
Shooting Ratio: 7 Photogs to 1 Model
Cost: Min $50 donation. (All 100% proceedings will go to Chen Su Lan Methodist Childrens' Home)
Models that have volunteered for this event:
1) Daphne Xiao
2) Mandy Lek
3) Lilo
4) Jessica Chen
5) Serene Heng
6) Tanya Miz
7) Carrie Wong
8) Jacia Tan

PM us to enquiry or how to sign up
For details on the event, refer here