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    Default Belly Good

    My humble gallery is
    here too

    Thanks for viewing.
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    just did a quick browse thru ur gallery.

    think exposure wise, u r pretty safe.

    but some points i noticed...

    1. some of ur horizons seemed tilted, usually to the left. maybe its ur shooting posture/style, just be more conscious of that

    2. great eye for landscapes. like some of ur shots where u were shooting from a high rise area. however, u need ta take note of composition. horizons and some little clutter that creep up into the photo(the causeway pic). the pic itself is good, but u could have cropped away the little distractions.

    3. i think u have a great eye for landscapes. hope to see more or ur shots.

    just my 2 cents, enjoyed ur gallery

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    Default Thanks To My Sze Fu

    Dear Wayne,
    Thanks for visiting my photos. Thanks for sharing with me finer points too.
    I will print them out & keep your pointers. You have been very helpful.
    Your comments are worth a million times more than 2 cents.

    After polishing up, then I will dare go out with you guys for shoot outings. Now doing it solo.

    Yes, I have eyes for beautiful things. Inherent in me. I can see beauty within a human being too, not just the facade.
    Hey Wai, keep in touch, please. I buy coffee on our first meet, can?

    I have a brand new album
    here too

    Thanks & warm regards,


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