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    i remember a long time ago the alleys leading to Tanjong Pagar Pinnacle HDB had some interesting graffiti.

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    Quote Originally Posted by earl83 View Post

    Personally not one that gets much out of plagiarising others work and efforts.
    Never suggested to plagiarise. Buy, frame and hang.

    There isn't value in shooting an identical or similar pic to one that is already done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by earl83 View Post
    I'm looking for some information on the following locations-

    1. Abandoned KTM railway bridge, Sunset Way/Clementi

    I had a thread about KTM railway : Last Days at Tanjong Pagar Railway Station hope you can find what you want.

    There is a thread : Clementi & surroundings you might find information related to KTM at Sunset Way and Clementi.

    Just do your search for information and photo in ClubSNAP, you will find what you want.
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