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    Hi sorry for asking such a simple question. I bought a camera body with the camera strap with the intention of geting a new strap. But it turns out most strap come without the 'o' metal ring . Any where i can buy ? Fyi its for a fm2. Appreciate any help

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    straps dont usually come with the strap lugs/rings unless it specifically says so. i got my vintage FM2n without the strap lugs too. i just took it to the local camera repair store and they popped em in - took a few min. not in SG though, so i can't be specific, but i think any camera service/repair place will do it. or if you're patient, get em on ebay!
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    "O" rings? those metal ones? check out Daiso should have. but make sure its stainless steel. so they dun rust.

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    Thx for the help will look it up. Any ideal of any local cam shop

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    There's a chance you can get nikon ones from Nikon Svc Centre. Call to check.


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