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Thread: Your street shooting experiences (SG)

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    Cool Your street shooting experiences (SG)

    Hi, was wondering if you guys would like to share your street shooting experiences in Singapore...

    Any bad experiences? I find that pple tend to react with a little bit of suspicion when they see a camera pointed their way over here.

    I'm going to try with a 50mm lens for a 70+ or so FL, perhaps this will help me keep my distance better and be less conspicious? But the background won't be the same...

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    hmm, not sure if this is e correct area to post this..
    but anyway, u should ask our mod streetshooter abt this..
    his street shots are

    i myself try to be as "un-noticable" as possible.. cos if e pp saw me, might lose the moment liaoz...

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    hi rurouni,

    no bad experiences so far.... if the person looks hostile, i won't photograph him/her. others have told me not to photograph their shop/building/whatever and i comply. a few (usually bikers) come up to me and ask to see the photos i have taken of them on the street, just to make sure i'm not some kind of PI. many ppl are too courteous on the street, so that they wait for you to photograph b4 they walk in front of your camera. this can be frustrating when you actually want them to be in the photo. i usually photograph with an oly digicam, with the most used FL probably being 70+mm (35mm equiv), which is similar to your setup.

    happy streetshooting!
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