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Thread: New national day song (Funny)

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    Default New national day song (Funny)

    Got this from my friend. Hope you guys have a good laugh.

    We Are Chin Kang Kor
    (to the tune of 'We Are Singapore')
    There was a time when people said our bus fares won't increase
    But it did
    There was a time when people thought our CPF won't decrease
    But it did
    We built a nation,
    With nothing free,
    Reaching out together,
    To grab all our mo-ney
    Chorus 1:
    This is my country, this is my flat
    Is there a future, or am I mad?
    What of my family,
    what of my friends?
    We are chin kang kor, chin kang kor eh lang
    Singapore, our homeland
    Is ruled by one party
    They've just stuck us with some more
    Bloody GST
    We worked so hard together,
    have we achieved?
    Singapore forever,
    Stuck with price increase
    (Repeat Chorus 1)
    We, the citizens of Singapore
    Pledge ourselves as one diffi-cult people
    Regardless of haze, weather or poll

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    so long liao this song..

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    Paisei, I only get this from my fren just now.

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    hell 極樂世&


    Haa...its ok, still got a good laugh at this hour...


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