Want to become a competent Studio Photographer or Lighting Assistant?

Baobab Photo’s
two-lesson Studio Photography Workshop provides you with the essential practical skills you need to be able to plan your shoot, set up your camera, assemble and use Elinchrom studio lights, choose the right light modifiers for different effects, work with a variety of backgrounds and direct and establish a rapport with your subjects.

This is a hands-on workshop where you’ll get experience as the photographer and lighting assistant.

Fee: $425
Duration: 2 x 3Hr Lessons
Experience Required: Working knowledge of Av/A Mode (Prior experience using M Mode desirable)
Maximum Group Size: 6 Participants
Gear Required: DSLR Camera

Course Content

Lesson 1

  • Introduction to Studio Lighting
  • Light modifiers and accessories
  • Lighting a background
  • How to set up your camera with Studio Strobes
  • How to operate Studio Strobes
  • Using a Light Meter
  • Creating Rapport with your Subject
  • Directing and posing your Subject
  • Practical Exercise: One-Light Setup
  • Practical Exercise: Two-Light Setup

Lesson 2

  • High key and low key lighting setups
  • Short lighting vs Broad lighting
  • Lighting Ratios
  • How to separate the subject from the background
  • Lighting for groups
  • Co-ordinating clothing & styles for groups
  • Directing and posing groups
  • Photo Review
  • Practical Exercise: Three-Light Setup
  • Practical Exercise: Four-Light Setup

Book online at http://baobabphoto.com/school/studio-lighting-workshop/
E-mail karen@baobabphoto.com for more info