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Thread: A Review of the Fishbomb accessory pouch

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    Default A Review of the Fishbomb accessory pouch

    The Fishbomb V2 by UNDFIND is a pouch meant for circular filters up to 82mm, as well as accessories such as memory cards and batteries. It is made of neoprene and of a relatively simple design, with a loop on top allowing it to be attached to bag straps or belts. This review deals with the second version of the accessory.

    When I first got my hands on this, my first impression was that it was very well-made and that careful attention had been paid to the details. The stitches were solid, and everything seemed to be thoughtfully put together. It certainly feels durable, and probably will last a long time.

    In my experience, one of the greatest annoyances of using screw in filters for landscape or long exposure photography is that as the light changes, I inevitably end up "juggling" different filters, with no safe place to put filters as I shoot in the field. Prior to getting my hands on this little gadget, I had been using an empty slot in my camera bag to temporarily hold extra filters while shooting, but that was a far from ideal situation. The filters would occasionally migrate to other compartments, putting them at risk of scratches and the likes.

    The Fishbomb is double-sided, with each side being identical to the other. It consists of a large circular pocket, with two smaller CF-card-sized elastic pockets inside. Although the photograph below shows the CF cards partially sticking out, the cards can actually fit inside the small interior pockets entirely. SD cards will also fit without issue. The large circular pocket is held shut by Velcro, and will seal completely even when an 82mm filter is inside.

    Although my primary use for the Fishbomb is as a filter case/holder, it's worth mentioning that camera batteries, or AA batteries, will fit easily in the main compartment.

    The photograph above shows a 77mm filter placed on top of the Fishbomb, and is a comfortable, secure fit when placed inside.

    Although the Fishbomb appears to be meant for just two filters, one in each pocket, I have found that it is possible to put three filters in, by stacking two of them and inserting it into one pocket. It is however a rather tight fit, and does make removing filters from the Fishbomb slightly harder.
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    Attaching the Fishbomb to bags and belts is a relatively simple affair - just loop the neoprene around the strap/belt and push the circular section through the hole at the top. It should be noted that one can only attach or remove the Fishbomb from a strap/belt when it's empty. This does provide some amount of security and peace of mind, as it means the Fishbomb cannot accidentally become loose and fall off while in use.

    However, not all straps/belts are necessarily ideally suited to attaching the Fishbomb. For example, in the photograph below, the Fishbomb is attached to the strap of a Billingham Hadley Pro, which is around 1 inch wide. Although the Fishbomb and its contents are likely to be rather lightweight, the fact that it may "squeeze" the strap may be an issue for some. Any strap wider than around 1 inch would also probably pose a problem.

    Another thing that concerned me was the placement of the Velcro on the Fishbomb - I personally felt that it was placed in such a way that could potentially scratch my filters as I slid them in and out, and possibly scratch my skin as well, especially if I was in a hurry.
    The placement of the Velcro also meant that I could forget about using the Fishbomb when wearing gloves, as my gloves would catch on the rough Velcro material.

    The photograph below shows the placement of the Velcro on the Fishbomb:

    Although I was reassured that the Velcro had been specially chosen to prevent scratching filters, and I did try to scratch my filters with the rough Velcro, I was still unconvinced, and proceeded to perform a minor operation to remove the Velcro from my Fishbomb. It wasn't terribly tricky, and I am very pleased with it now.

    Without the Velcro, using the Fishbomb has become a breeze for me, as I no longer have to fight with the Velcro closure when putting in or taking items out. I also no longer have to worry about the Velcro scratching or catching on anything, and it has given me much better peace of mind. However, I should point out that I am using the Fishbomb to store 77mm filters, and for smaller filter sizes or accessories like memory cards and batteries, I can see how the Velcro closure could be very important.

    All in all though, the Fishbomb is a great little accessory that has greatly simplified my shooting, and made it a pleasure to use multiple screw in filters while in the field. I'm actually considering getting another one, to store my cleaning cloth, memory cards, spare batteries and maybe the Allen key too.


    Solves problem of juggling multiple screw in filters in the field
    Provides easy access to accessories
    Well-made, durable, lightweight
    Useful in many circumstances

    May not be able to attach to every strap/belt
    Placement of Velcro can be an issue for some

    - A copy of this review is also on my blog:
    - Although the Fishbomb is an UNDFIND product, I got the Fishbomb from Photosphere:
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