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Thread: Hiking Kit for 5D4N with D60 plus 2 lenses

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    Originally posted by Java_Guru
    Pinoy - can borrow your extra BP511?
    Hehehe. I have no more digital cam liao.


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    i have my reservations about using army boots though.... cause i find them too "soft"... too flexible at the ball/toes area. also the boots do not have good torsional rigidity.
    a good pair of boots will allow you to balance properly on one foot standing on the pointed edge of a rock and you will not feel the pressure on your sole. imagine wearing a softer pair of boots and feeling the edges of the rocks with every step.... that's a few thousand steps a day and it will accelerate foot fatigue.

    okay... maybe those are my army boots i am talking about. heard they use gore-tex boots now in the army. maybe those are better!!

    remember to share your experience and photos here!!

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