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Thread: Will a TS-E lens help in this case?

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    Buy my tilt-shift lah. joking

    On a serious note, i guess its up to you whether its worth splurging that amount to play. It does have the benefit of including or excluding foreground as and when u need. U can correct verticals in post but the amount of correction could means some wideness lost due to cropping.

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    Default Re: Will a TS-E lens help in this case?

    The price Samyang is very tempting at S$1250 but after reading the review here:, I think the Canon is still worth the amount of investment (provided you put the lens to good use and use it very very often).

    Having said that, the Samyang version is much lighter than Canon's but you have to settled for smaller aperture value for the quality desired.
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    Default Re: Will a TS-E lens help in this case?

    Quote Originally Posted by Kit View Post
    Think either an F clamp or G clamp will work. You need to fix the threaded stud onto it. Perhaps with welding. Just remember that typical parapet walls are about 120mm to 150mm thick so the clamps must be big enough.
    Thanks Kit, will update once I found the solution of how to mount a tripod head to a F clamp.
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