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Thread: Adobe Camera Raw 3.1 for CS2 Released !

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    Default Adobe Camera Raw 3.1 for CS2 Released !

    Those who have Photoshop CS2 may be interested to note that Camera Raw 3.1 is now available for downloading from Adobe's FTP site:

    FTP Link: Windows Camera Raw 3.1 update including the new DNG Converter

    FTP Link: Macintosh Camera Raw 3.1 update including the new DNG Converter

    Please note that the Camera Raw Home Page has not yet been updated to reflect this.

    The new version adds preliminary support for new cameras such as Nikon D2X and Canon 350D and introduces 2 new preferences that are only relevant in a DNG workflow.

    To install, the new Camera Raw 3.1 plug-in has to place here:
    Win: \Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Plug-ins\CS2\File Formats\

    Mac: /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Plug-ins/CS2/File Formats/

    Do note that this is very different from CS which locate the ACR plug-in in the PS CS plug-in sub-directory.

    A lot of users had failed to read the instruction properly and made the mistake of putting the new ACR version into the PS CS2 plug-in sub-directory instead.

    Happy Updating !

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    I've used the previous version of Adobe Camera Raw & Nikon Capture..
    Nikon Capture renders colour much better than Camera Raw IMO...

    Just tried the new versions Camera Raw 3.1 & Capture 4.2...
    The difference isn't as stark now.. but Nikon Capture seems to render it more accurately...

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    Hmm.. I realised from the instructions that I can choose to use ACR3.0 in the calibration tab.. but I only see ACR2.4..

    Anybody has the same issue??

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    My experience with ACR 3.0 is the same. I can only select ACR 2.4 generic calibration for my cameras. I think there is an option to select ACR 3.0 calibrations only for those cameras that have new ACR 3.0 calibrations created for them to be used in this verison of ACR.

    I also observed that the colours out of ACR are not as nice as those obtained from other RAW converters especially those that were specially written for their respective camera brands. The colours straight out of Olympus Studio is better than from ACR for my E300. Capture One Pro also produces better colours for Canon 20D in my opinion.

    It may be that it is necessary to calibrate ACR for each camera to get the best performance out of it. Luckily, the calibration can be automated using the ACR Calibrator script downloadable from Unluckily, the calibration process requires the use of the expensive Gretag-MacBeth Colorchecker.

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    is the nikon 'encrypted' raw WB an issue with the new plugin?
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