Master Aperture, Shutter Speed & ISO

Once you’ve grasped the basics, improve your control of the digital camera in Baobab Photo's themed intermediate photography classes as you learn how to shoot in daylight and at night using Aperture Priority (Av/A) and Shutter Speed Priority ( TV/S) Modes to control depth of field, capture action and eliminate accidental blur.

Learn the secrets of capturing people both in daylight and in low light: how to bring about natural smiles and laughter, how to make people feel comfortable in front of the lens, and how to create striking compositions.

Do you love to capture candid moments, busy street scenes or high speed sports? Learn the technical and creative techniques for capturing moving subjects to freeze the moment or deliberately create movement blur effects.

Do you struggle to take great photos in low light and at night? Learn how to shoot both hend-held and using a tripod as we capture portraits, movement and urban landscapes at dusk and into the night, with and without flash.

Lessons comprise both theory and practical exercises in the Studio and Outdoors. Photo classes are limited to ten students to ensure you get the individual attention you need.

Fee: $380
Duration: 3 x 3Hr Lessons
Experience Required: Basic Camera Skills
Gear Required: DSLR Camera or similar (all brands welcome) + Tripod
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