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Thread: technical help for laptop

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    Default technical help for laptop

    Do not understand why light room 5 (trial) lags on ux32vd.
    It has a dual core i5 337u and nvidia gt620m full HD IPS version.4gb ram
    Lags on simple lightroom task such as cropping.
    Thanks to anyone who provides possible solutions.

    What I have tried
    -Adjusting power options to maximum processor state.

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    Default Re: technical help for laptop

    In lightroom, go to File> optimize catalog. Let it run through the optimize process & see if it fixed your problem.
    These are things you may like to try as well, such as;
    1) In lightroom, go to Edit> File Handling, select the (a) "Standard preview size to: 1024 pixels" (b) "Preview quality: set to low or Medium", aviod using "high". Hope this help


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