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Thread: Electric oven advice needed

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shahmatt View Post
    Ovens in courts and reputed places should be safe I guess.
    Please see below. I come from the perspective that the buyer is not necessarily the user thus as a buyer,
    I will feel safer and have less concerns if the SAFETY MARK is there.

    A long time back, I purchased a home appliance that has a SAFETY MARK but it was actually not registered with SPRING.

    There are many places, including reputed ones, selling dry cabinets and AFAIK, models which has external AC Adaptor requires
    the SAFETY MARK. The ones I saw, I did not managed to find the SAFETY MARK.
    A dry cabinet runs 24/7/365. How important is the SAFETY MARK is one's choice - legal or not.

    To safeguard consumers’ interest, consumers are strongly advised to purchase controlled goods that are
    registered with the Safety Authority and are affixed with the SAFETY Mark. Registered controlled goods that
    have met the specified safety requirements help to prevent fire, electric shock, explosion, radiation and other
    that could result in injuries or deaths to humans and/ or damages to private properties.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shahmatt View Post
    Well the built in ovens are huge, and actually i don't have enough space for that.

    I think you are referring to convection ovens. Both the suggested ovens have fans inside them.
    Actually, ovens do not have to reside in the kitchen as there is no smoke from them. I have actually seen ovens in dining rooms where the kitchens are really too small. A good built in oven in a sturdy custom built cabinet with storage for all your baking paraphernalia should not set you back more than $1500 and will last a lifetime as well as be mobile.(to a certain extent)

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