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    Hi Member of ClubSNAP.

    Will be travelling to Germany this coming September. Will be there for about a month or two, had already made the necessary arrangements.

    Little to fact that I forgotten about staying in touch with love one daily, and calling around this coming trip.

    With that, was wondering if any member had travel to Germany and got a mobile prepaid card(probably with data ant 1-3GB) would be enough..

    Kindly share as it would be great for me to facilitate my round trip.....

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    Which part of Germany are you going to? There is a mobile store at Munich airport, along the way towards the bus/taxi terminal. You can get a prepaid card there with about 2GB data for about 30 Euros (IIRC).

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    There are plenty of mobile prepaid supplier and companies. Some does not have English website and you need to activate them online. Cheapest is the e-plus blanc or something like that but their website is in German. If you can read, then great. If not, I suggest get one that is vonefone or O2 which has English translation - but their plans are not as great.

    Have a look at this link... and decide which one you want to take. Should be able to get it at airport and some shops near to where you would stay...

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    I am in germany for the last 6 month , coming back to Sing now. My advice is, to get a prepaid card form one of the grocery discouters in germany, such as Lidl or Aldi. Lidl, for example, gives you 100 minutes of talktime plus 100 sms ( each additional minute / sms 9 cent), plus unlimited data data usage for 9.95 euro for one month. Install skype and whatsap , and you are covered. Aldi gives you 300 minutes of combined talk or sms , plus 300 mb high speed internet, therafter reduced speed of internet unlimited for 7.99, for one month. The only catch is that you need someone with a german passport to register the sim card. If you cant find anyone with a german passort to register, you have to go for the more expensive option on prepaid cards for international travellers, like the card you mention above form the airport.


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