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Thread: iPad photo editing app like Lightroom?

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    Default iPad photo editing app like Lightroom?

    Hey guys
    I've been using an iPad for a couple of months now and want to start using it for my photo editing if possible. I really love using Lightroom on my Mac for all my photo editing, as I find it far easier to do what I want to do (basic touching up, really) than to use Photoshop - so I'm really used to LR and those features

    For the iPad, what I've seen are a whole load of apps that do basic stuff and a whole load of filter apps. Then there's Photoshop Touch, which I bought for my iPad. However, the Photoshop app seems to be made for people who use Photoshop on their computer, and for my purposes, it seems to be overcomplicated, and I don't find myself using it often at all

    So what I'm asking you guys here is, having you used any iPad app that is similar to Lightroom? I hear Adobe has a Lightroom app in the works, and I'm eagerly waiting for that! But until then, any advice?

    What I do to my photos is very basic stuff: cropping/straightening/rotating, contrast, tone curve, sharpening, NR, white balance, saturation, maybe lens distortion/vignetting control. I really have no need for the layers and all the fancy stuff of Photoshop Touch, and I regret spending $10 on that! Haha

    Any advice would be great. Thanks!
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    Default Re: iPad photo editing app like Lightroom?

    i have watched on youtube this app called or from "perfectly clear" that would do all the clean up, looks promising, sorry havent used it myself but i would shortlist it if i am shopping for such app.

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    I use photoforge 2. has curves in rgb cmyk and lab, sharpen, shadow highlights, etc.. but lens distortion you need this other app called perspective. it's the only one that adjusts perspective so far.

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    Default Re: iPad photo editing app like Lightroom?

    Cool, thanks guys! Photoforge does look good! Looks very much like what I need. I can do without distortion correction for now. Or use the other app you recommended

    Anyone used Afterlight? It was just released for iPad recently, n looks pretty good. Photogene also looks pretty good. I know they're pretty cheap, but I want to be well informed before buying another iOS editing app! Haha. Cheers
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    Default Re: iPad photo editing app like Lightroom?

    Alright so Afterlight doesn't seem to be that powerful. It's PhotoForge2 vs. Photogene right now! Haha
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