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Thread: Recommendation for starter continuous lighting kit?

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    Default Recommendation for starter continuous lighting kit?

    Hi guys I'm thinking of getting a starter lighting kit from Amazon.
    Came across kits like Cowboy Studio, ePhoto etc.
    i.e. CowboyStudio Photography and Video Continuous Triple Lighting Kit, Backdrop Support System, Black & White Muslin Backdrops and Carry Case for Support System: Camera & Photo (No backdrop)

    Tried to research and do comparison on Amazon. Terms like watts and hair light on boom stands still new to me; will 600w suffice?
    With so many to choose from I'm confused, but I hope to preferably get one with softbox instead of umbrellas, along with backdrop stand.

    Any vets care to advise should I get? Not limited to the links above. I'm just clueless and trying to get a budget to fit my needs.
    Edit: Sorry, budget is under $200USD Amazon price.

    Thanks a lot.

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    Default Re: Recommendation for starter continuous lighting kit?

    A budget of $200 sounds abit too little...

    If you are going to setup a studio shooting environment, I thought there will be more than 1 lights and I think $200 may not be enough..
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    Default Re: Recommendation for starter continuous lighting kit?

    Since your budget is only $250, I would suggest you start with one light and a reflector.
    the reflector can be DIY using compact foam board with silver adhesive sheet from Graphic Supply Stores,

    you will learn better with controlling one light then more than messing with multiple lights set up.

    check out video tutorials of one light portrait from Youtube.
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