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Thread: Alfa GT Jr: Revisited

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    Default Alfa GT Jr: Revisited

    After some of the comments & critiques (thanks guys) =) in the previous post, I went thru my collection again...

    I think these look good, what do U think? or

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    Great shots of a classic. The last pic can be used on desktop calendar.

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    I like the 2nd last shot quite abit... nicely composed. The first shot where u PSed in Motion Blur... is ... urm.... hmm.... . The rest of the shots lack the professional look, just my observation. Dont ask me how to get the PRO look, I dont know either . But perhaps, the lighting was a tad flat.

    When I get a distracting view outside when taking interior shots, I tend to compose in such a way that I include less of the outside view.

    Its such a beautiful car ... drools. Keep shooting... cars are such beautiful subjects. Next time when I get back, jio me ok ! (July July).

    I hope u didnt mind , but here's a very quick example of how I would process the image... pardon the poor quality of the editing (exams tmr man... only had 2 mins on this img).

    Its a personal preference, I would think most would find your rendition much better. Cheers!
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    1st shot ..
    AMPA * WPPI * J team

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    Nice shots
    May I know where did u go for these shoots ? looks somewhere like marina south.. Mi gona help my fren shoot his new car soon.

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    haha, thought I could get away with PS, guess not. hmm, your rendition adds more punch but it's a little dark on my screen, maybe my screen isnt calibrated well enough... I'm using a LCD, what do U use?

    yea, these were done at marina south, Motoring mag also does their shoots there every now & then sometimes...


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