Award-Winning Photographer Damien Lovegrove - one of Britain's most sought-after Portrait & Wedding Photographers and creator of Lovegrove Consulting & ProPhotoNut - is coming to Singapore and will be teaching two exclusive Portrait & Lighting Masterclasses at Baobab Photo.

Urban Portraits Workshop
$845 ONLY 3 Places Left!
16 September 8:00am-4:30pm
Learn how to master and shape light to create dramatic portraits on location using a combination of natural light, external flashgun and various light modifiers.
Learn how and when to work with hard light and soft light and how to control the lighting environment both indoors and outdoors.

Portrait Lighting Masterclass
$895 ONLY 3 Places Left!
17 September 8:00am-4:30pm
Learn how to master and shape light to produce a range of stunning Portrait & Lighting styles - from Fashion to Hollywood Glamour - with professional Elinchrom Studio Lighting (BRX + Quadra), both in the studio and on location.
Learn how to control contrast, separate foreground and background lighting, use reflectors in beauty photography, and establish a rapport with your subject and make them look and feel gorgeous.

These workshops are suited to anyone wanting to learn how to create amazing portraits on location and in the studio and how to shape and control LIGHT. Whether you're a hobbyist wanting to learn how to create dramatic lighting with just a flashgun or a seasoned Professional looking to take your Portrait, Fashion or Wedding Photography photos to new heights, Damien's creativity and technical mastery will inspire you like no other.
You'll be working with a Professional Model in the Baobab Studio and On Location at some of Singapore's funkiest indoors and outdoors venues.

For bookings and more information visit Damien Lovegrove Portrait Photography Workshops Singapore | Baobab Photo Digital Photography Courses or e-mail