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Thread: What is Bluetooth ?

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    Default What is Bluetooth ?

    Me not a technology savvy person and always wanted to know the
    answer i know almost all handphones has this bluetooth function,
    but what is Bluetooth actually ? is it useful ? If yes, what can Bluetooth do ?

    Sorry for the ignorant questions.

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    Its a Wireless data transfer system using radio waves. You can use bluetooth to send mp3s to your phone

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    Read here for more detailed explanation if you are interested
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    I find it one of the very useful technologies on data transfer, another will be the usb platform.

    Jo L : In short, it is a technology that allows data transfer over hp, pc or other pheripherals thats supports blue tooth, at high speed without line of sight. Meaning the 2 devices need not to point at each other but have to be withing a specified range.

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    so wat's the diff between infra red and blue tooth?

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    infra red might be straight...i.e. pt straight at each other...

    bluetooth not need....

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    wat abt the speed? infra red speeds definitely is far too slow, but dunno abt bluetooth?

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    Thanks guys. So can we use Bluetooth to sms frens who are
    nearby but inconvenient to talk ?

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    The maximum transfer rate of bluetooth is higher than that of IR, but that depends on individual equipment. But fast/slow is a relative word, it will still take a minutes to transfer a song in MP3 format for most of today's BT equipment.

    SMS using bluetooth is technically possible but that will depend on whether your phone and the recipient phone support this feature.
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    bluetooth and infrared are both means to transmit digital info via electromagnetic spectrum

    OT: tech question: heard somewhere of this nifty thing called wireless ac( or dc) power supply...isit still fiction or already in development phase in those high tech labs already?

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    IR uses a diff EM spectrum as compared to BT.

    as for sending msgs, well needless to say, the other hp must be BT enabled and ON, plus the other party needs to accept yr msgs.

    the other party can reject the msgs u sent via BT.

    broadcasting msgs thru BT to strangers is known as bluejack/bluejacked/bluejacking (interesting term IMHO)


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